Maritime Groupage Package CN-FR

Transport Package Maritime Groupage CN-FR

Removal area: All of China excluding islands and areas not covered

Point of departure: Guangzhou/ CAN

Arrival point: Paris/CDG

Delivery area: France excluding islands and areas not covered

Package ex China (FAS warehouse - Guangzhou) delivered, customs cleared France-Paris (FAS-CDG warehouse).

Grouped maritime transport in containers, weekly departure, and a delay of 5 to 7 weeks.

The package includes all logistics services between our warehouses in China and France, as well as customs formalities at departure and destination.

The following costs are not included:

  • Import duties and taxes
  • Pre- and post-routing
  • Storage at destination longer than 7 days
  • Palletisation (if necessary)
  • Any other unforeseeable costs from third parties (customs fines on non-compliant products, costs of destroying prohibited products, etc.)
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Prices exclude duties and taxes, applicable at the time of final invoicing

Please note: Quotations are only valid for 7 days from payment of the deposit.
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Terms of use of our services

  1. The goods must comply with the European and, more specifically, French standards and regulations in force for imports into Europe and France.
  2. Goods classified as dangerous, food and perishable must be approved by FAS in France before booking.
  3. Any undeclared goods risk being seized, destroyed or returned at the expense of the owner of the goods.
  4. Any customs fines related to the defect of the goods transported are to be paid by the owner.
  5. Any erroneous or false declaration will result in the cancellation of the order for the service and the blocking of the prize.
  6. All invoices for duties and taxes before customs clearance are estimated and are subject to change.
  7. These rates do not apply to oversized parcels (see accepted dimensions)